How to Make Money with a Blog

When I tell people that I make money blogging, they immediately want to know how. The more I say, the more intrigued they become and eventually the question becomes, "Can I build a blog that makes a profit too?" Absolutely. But everyone … [Read More...]

Digital CoLab and #FinCon2015 Review

Make sure to read to the end for special offers on next year's events... and a giveaway!   Each year, when choosing my travel schedule, I know that I will be attending Digital CoLab. Without a doubt, I know that Digital CoLab is the … [Read More...]

Optimize Blog Posts for Better Performance

Recently, I decided to look over my most popular blog posts from this time last year and I was stunned to see how many mistakes were in each post. It was time to optimize blog posts to harness more traffic and make it work for me. When I am … [Read More...]

How to Make YouTube Videos

Wondering how to make YouTube videos? Creating videos is easier than you think! My husband and I sat together for a Periscope broadcast in an attempt to demystify how to make videos for YouTube and your blog. All you need is your smartphone, a … [Read More...]

How to Overcome Blogger Burnout

Are you feeling disgusted with your blog? Wondering if you should keep blogging? Ready to walk away but wondering if there is something you can do to overcome blogger burnout? Blogger burnout is very real and everyone feels it at some time of … [Read More...]