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This post is NOT what you are thinking. Not the typical "don't let your kids see you at the computer" post. Must read!

5 Ways to Renew Your Vision as a Work from Home Mom

I sat on the plane next to a friend who was trying to help me make a job decision, and she asked a simple question, "What is your vision for the future? What do you want to do?" My mind reeled as I knew I should have an answer readily available, … [Read More...]

Ask yourself these questions to see if you should have a business account on Pinterest.

Do Bloggers Need a Business Account on Pinterest

Recently, some of my blogging friends expressed alarm over change in the terms of service at Pinterest. Honestly, I am not sure when the terms were upgraded but I am assuming it was in the last few months... just prior to the announcement of promoted … [Read More...]

Get affordable blog maintenance. Plans start at just $25 a month.

Peace of Mind with Affordable Blog Maintenance

I just wrote a quick review for my maintenance team at Honeycomb Design Studios and thought I would share what I said: Balancing life as a wife, mother, homeschooler, and full-time blogger is difficult so I appreciate being able to hand off tasks … [Read More...]

Every blogger needs this! Get a critique of your blog and Pinterest account. It's only $50!

Pinterest Blog and Account Assessments

Do you wonder if you could improve your use of Pinterest to build traffic to your blog? Are you thinking that your Pinterest strategy might be lacking? Now, you can have best-selling author and Pinterest expert Tabitha Philen give an … [Read More...]

how to make a nofollow link.

How to Code a Nofollow Link

Unless your blog is set up to make all links nofollow, every link you publish is automatically a dofollow link, so you have to manually change the links when necessary. Did you read our post about dofollow and nofollow links? While you could use … [Read More...]

A video tutorial that makes understanding dofollow and nofollow links EASY

Understanding Dofollow and Nofollow Links

** Each time someone figures out what works best for SEO, the algorithm seems to change. The best way to attract search engines to your blog is create amazing content and use words to describe your topic accurately.** Dofollow links. Nofollow … [Read More...]

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